Every sizable company has people who are grieving or who have experienced significant grief. Some have even experienced on-the-job loss. They are often unsure how to respond in a helpful way. Both the grieving and their colleagues are in unfamiliar territory.

CGS brings to the workplace a better understanding of the impact of grief. Through this program we also provide crisis intervention, consultation with managers and workplace counseling.

Our flagship program is the free “Lunch & Lunch” 60-minute seminar series. What is normal when you’re grieving? How do you help grieving colleagues? What can I do for my grieving employees? How will the coming holidays affect my grieving employees? These and many other questions are discussed.

Schedule a “Lunch & Learn” for your company. “Grief Doesn’t Take a Work Break” and “Surviving the Holidays” are available for groups of ten or more. For more information, call 205-870-8667 or email us at info@communitygriefsupport.org.