Keep the healing happening!

“I wish we could keep meeting together!” That is what we hear as each support group draws to a close. Folks who have formed bonds of support and friendship don’t want to give that up.

Friendship Groups are the answer! As each group meets for the last time, we encourage forming a “friendship group” to continue to get together. We answer their questions, provide some simple guidelines, and have them decide on a place, time and date for their first meeting. Then they are off and running — exercising their ability to resocialize comfortably and among friends.

Some friendship groups meet for many years — others only meet for a year or two. What is important is that they meet for as long as they feel the need. There are lunch and breakfast groups, potluck and outings groups. One group recently returned from a weekend at the beach!

Your time spent in a support group gives you the tools for healing — friendship groups give you a place to put them to use!