Grief in the Workplace

CGS brings to the workplace a better understanding of the impact of grief. Through this program we also provide crisis intervention, consultation with managers and workplace counseling.

Hope for the Holidays

To help those who are facing their first holiday as a loss survivor, we host four FREE “Hope for the Holidays” community workshops throughout Birmingham on Saturdays in November. 

Volunteer Training

Feeling helped and want to “give back”?
Join our next Bereavement Volunteer Training Class.

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

If you are struggling with an emotional stew and feel life is out of control, we can help! Our grief support groups provide a safe haven for understanding and healing as you share with other grievers in a supportive and confidential environment.

Support Groups

Guided by counselors trained in bereavement and accompanied by fellow strugglers, the mysteries of the storm are gradually unveiled, the wind subsides, and at last calm returns and you can once again see the light.

Friendship Groups

As each support group meets for the last time, we encourage forming a “friendship group” to continue to get together. We answer their questions, provide some simple guidelines, and have them decide on a place, time and date for their first meeting.