The sudden death of my only sibling left me and my family in complete turmoil. The caring staff of Community Grief Support listened to me and helped me to understand my grieving process.

Tammie D. Williams

The first three grief support sessions, I couldn’t speak. I cried. I sat. And my counselor told me if I could just make it through the first three sessions, I would come out a different person on the other side. He was right.

Claire Holt Travis, Loss of Spouse

We were able to be ourselves together. We cried. We bonded. We could say things that would sound dumb to anyone else—I could tell them how I’d been losing my keys 20 times a day, and they knew what that was like. They had been there, too.

Vanessa Williams, Loss of Adult Child

In my late 30’s, my grief (over the loss of both my parents) was constant and I could not run away from it any longer. My wife suggested that I go see a counselor or group that dealt with grief…Without CGS, I would still be stuck feeling like that five-year old boy in a grown man’s body…not having a clue of what to do, how to think about grief, or where to turn for help with it.

Darryl Parker, Loss of Parents

This group—in my mind—is without question the best grief counseling service available anywhere. A person going through grief has a feeling they might be ‘going crazy’ because of being in such a high emotional state. Normal daily activities…are no longer normal…It is so hard to function and you feel that your world is about to end…A tremendous benefit of CGS is their group sessions where you are with a group of people going through the same loss as you…spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling.

Jim Chomicz, Loss of Spouse

The staff and volunteers at CGS never, ever implied or hinted that I should ‘get over’ my grief. They knew that grieving is something that is different for each person. I repeat, every bit of help I have received was given to me without judgment or pity. That lack of passing judgment was also granted to me by the members of my support group.

Mickie Goad Leesburg, Loss of Two Spouses

I became part of a Young Widowed Group that met weekly. Sitting in those meetings with other individuals who had experienced a similar loss helped me in ways I can’t even explain. Most of all, however, it was the volunteers who came every week to meet with us—individuals who had previously lost a spouse and had been through the group—who chose to sit and help us on our own journey. They were the ones that kept me coming back.

Lana Taylor, Loss of Spouse (who also lost an adult child)

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