by Catherine Pittman Smith, Administrative Director

Our mission is heavy, our parties are fun. Thank goodness! 

2024 marks the 21st year to host our annual fundraiser, “Lift Your Spirits” on Thursday, July 18th. For almost 30 years now, Community Grief Support (CGS) has brought light into the darkness of those who are grieving the loss of a spouse, a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, or even a child. We offer them hope, support, and a safe place to work through their pain. We help them find their way as they rebuild their lives and find healing. 

It’s difficult and uncomfortable to talk about grief. It takes courage to speak up and share your loss and grief story. And what we see happen at CGS — over and over again is — by sharing your grief, you can find healing.

Someone in our community who has done a courageous job of openly sharing his family’s very personal grief—is Roy Williams, former Birmingham News reporter. His brother, Army Major Dwayne Williams, was killed at the Pentagon in the 911 terrorist attacks. And in the aftermath of this national tragedy, Roy and his family have pushed through their grief by honoring his brother’s legacy— they speak of their loss, their love, their pain, their grief, their sorrow. 

Roy and his family have learned to manage their pain and to carry their grief forward. He firmly believes that no one should grieve alone. This is a topic close to his heart, and he will share his tender, remarkable grief journey with us at Lift Your Spirits this year. So please join me… You will be inspired. You will truly have your spirits lifted. #nooneshouldgrievealone. Get your tickets here!